Green Home Energy Has Far-Reaching Environmental Benefits

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Everyone should be concerned about forest preservation. Besides being the natural habitat for millions of animals, forests are home to trees. Trees provide oxygen. Forests are being destroyed at record-breaking rates. Deforestation is not limited to isolated areas. Forests in every country on Earth are in danger of being destroyed. In the last decade, over 80 percent of the Earth’s forests have been destroyed. Skyscrapers are replacing trees, and cities are becoming more polluted.

Some electric and power providers are using alternatives to coal to produce energy. Wood waste can be used as a renewable energy source. It is cleaner than coal and it helps to stop contamination of rivers, lakes and oceans. In fact, trees produce the same amount of carbon whether they are left to rot or burned for fuel. Thus, wood waste can be considered a clean energy source. Wood fiber fuel is a sustainable energy source.

Finite energy sources are expected to be depleted within the next century. As long as the soil is being taken care of, trees can always be re grown. It is in the best interest of every person on Earth to preserve the forests. When the air is cleaner, people have less respiratory problems. Everyone should make an effort to reduce deforestation and plant more trees.

If deforestation continues at a rapid rate, it will threaten the life of every human and animal on Earth. Currently, the damage from deforestation may not directly affect people who do not live near the forests, but it will directly affect everyone who is yet to be born in the later part of this century and the next century. Everyone can do more to promote green living. Recycling, using the energy from the sun, wind, and wood waste can preserve life on Earth for all people and animals.

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