The Various Environmental Benefits of Using Biomass

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The idea of using green energy to power homes and businesses has become a popular one recently. Many people have expressed interest in installing solar panels and wind turbines to generate their own personal power supply. However, there is another alternative green power source available: biomass. Although not quite so popular, biomass has a number of benefits that are not shared by solar or wind power.

As animal and food waste decomposes, a hazardous gas called methane is released into the air, which has been shown to affect the ozone layer.Didn’t catch that? This explains it. However, this methane can actually be captured in an anaerobic digester and can be recycled into biomass, which can then be used to generate power. Further, when the animal and food waste is finished producing methane, it can then be safely used as fertilizer.

Unlike solar and wind power, biomass takes a natural and environmentally-harmful byproduct that is produced through daily life and transforms it into two renewable resources: safe material that can be used as fertilizer, and a source of power. Animal waste never looked so good.

If your household or business produces a large amount of food waste or animal waste, generating and using biomass as a personal power source might be a great alternative to to traditional power sources.

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