Using Biomass to Generate Energy in America

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One of the best ways to preserve forests and trees in America is to produce biomass electricity from wood.

Biomass is the original renewable energy source. It is renewable because trees store energy from the sun in their fibers, and they can be sustainably grown, harvested and planted over a time period that is relatively short.

Currently in the United States, sawdust, bark and other wood industry byproducts exist in quantities great enough to make a significant impact on the generation of clean, renewable electricity. That impact could be maximized by the development Read more…

Biomass: The Ultimate Renewable Energy Source

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As power bills rise and our planet’s natural resources diminish, many people have turned to alternative forms of energy. Solar power and wind power are the most popular, as solar panels and wind turbines can be easily installed. However, there is another option. For residences with many animals and associated food waste, using biomass to generate energy is a great option.

As animal and food waste decomposes, methane is released into the atmosphere. Methane is incredibly hazardous, and is considered to be a greenhouse gas. If the methane Read more…

What Is Biomass and How is it Used?

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What Is Biomass?
Biomass is a media used for filtering pollutants from an industrial process. Biomass media was first used in technology in Holland in the late 1980s to absorb pollutants like VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that pollute air streams. The components of biomass may be salt hay, organic wood chips or a combination of absorbent styrene pellets embedded into organic soil. Another component is a specific breed of microorganisms that are inoculated into the biomass “bed.” The biomass bed may Read more…